C'mon and take a ride with us~!

a wRiders Story: 

Riders in the Mind

Is a Alternative audio dime novel, in poetic format, telling the story of Alex, the authors alter ego. 

Thoughts and messages are sent to him from riders of the past, riders on the other side, who ride in his mind.  

This is a manual biography of that ride, written by Y. A. wRider and recorded as a audiobook dime novel.

$1.00 of every purchase will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. ​  Help a Vet, Pass it on.

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"Click On Through to the other side"



Steps to effect

thoughts to reflect

Huge ideas to inject

Who is this wRider

he writes in lyrics

not hysterics

creates new verses

avoids old curses

read the thoughts

of the wRider

clutch your mouse

a little tighter

does this make you stop & think

what the hell has he had to drink

No One sober would dare to say

He writes on purpose, this peculiar way

left to the imagination

in your mind,

thoughts of sublimation

see what you can find

join the mission of this rider

open your eyes a little wider

Ynot see what he has to offer

hold your mouse a little softer...

The Preview

nearly high noon

the middle of June

hot, dry, and no saloon

close to swoon

riders in my mind,


write a different tune

a town called Simplicity

designed as an analytic city

winds of atmospheric electricity

free from eccentricity

requires no publicity

no duplicity

free from toxicity

built on felicity

freedom of specificity

a town of thought



Time is ongoing,

It does not pause

I am here to contend

It goes faster at the end


Alex is a rebel with a cause.

He is on a mission to submission.


He is on a ride...

a ride unlike any other

he is a messenger of "Omniverses"

a ride which goes fast

thoughts of those from the past

brought back as a task

thoughts in a vacuum flask

unlike life, this ride last

all that matters

is what you believe

all you can conceive.


As a self proclaimed mindwright

the author writes

in a simplistic format

making up his own rules

not taught in schools


tools for the blue-collar

not for the scholar

a linguist he's not

but a messenger,

self taught


written in poetics

as an alternative format

theories and thoughts

for the Haves

and the Have Nots


left open for interpretation

a mental manifestation

of your own salvation

for self creation


a Rider is comin'

blowin' with the wind

come on in

the show is about to begin...

The Preface: about the author

wRitten long ago

high on a plateau

west of Barstow

just a John Doe

nobody ya know

a rider,

and the writer,

are two rebels with a cause.

In the mind

there are no laws.

riders in his mind

Several riders,

all at the same time.

approaching their prime,

alter egos avoiding crime

thoughts sublime.

Reality mixing with relativity,

reason with resolution.

Effects for a positive solution.

The wRiders face is a shadow of his imagination.

His imagination is a picture of what he attempts to convey.

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Only $4.99        $1.00 of every purchase will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.